Dental Implants
in Aston, PA

Dental implants are an innovative way for those patients in Aston, PA to replace missing teeth for a naturally beautiful smile. Do you live in Aston, Pennsylvania and currently suffer with an imperfect smile? Your smile is one of the first things that many people notice about you, which is why men and women suffering with imperfect smiles often find it embarrassing to show their smile in public. But dental implants at Lance R. Panarello, DDS can help.

For years, patients have been turning to removable dentures to perfect their teeth, but at Lance R. Panarello, DDS, we offer an even better solution: dental implants. Removable dentures often cause problems for patients including irritation and pain due to movement, and difficulty speaking and chewing. Common problems associated with traditional dentures disappear with the dental implant procedure.

Continual advancements in dental technology have brought about treatments that can help just about any patient achieve their desired smile. If you’re considering dental implants here are just some of the benefits they provide for Aston, PA patients:

If you're considering dental implants, call our Aston, PA dental office to schedule a consultation to find out if you're a candidate for dental implants. Even if traditional implants aren't an option, we offer mini dental implant treatments that make this type of treatment available to a wider number of people. Contact us today to get started!

• Dental Implants are designed to provide long lasting stability for dental prosthetics. Implants can support a crown, a bridge, or upper and lower dentures, allowing your prosthetic to remain fixed in the mouth, giving you the look and feel of real teeth.

• Made of sturdy and stable materials, dental implants are specifically designed to bond to the existing jawbone, creating the stability needed to reinforce the dental prosthetic with long lasting results.

• Removable denture problems are no longer a concern. Dental implants secure dentures, allowing patients to eat and speak with confidence. Foods can be reintroduced into your diet that were once problematic, and social situations are no longer awkward.

• The appearance of your smile is vastly improved. Many patients experience an increase in confidence with dental implants in Aston, PA.

The advantages of dental implants in Aston, PA will help patients to determine whether or not they provide the right tooth replacement procedure. Contact Lance R. Panarello, DDS today to see if dental implants can help to improve your smile with long lasting results.