The History Behind
Dental Implants
in Aston, PA

Modern dental implant technology first came about when Dr. Victor I. Sendax, began looking to develop a way to secure dental prosthetics on a long-term basis. Dental implants became a revolutionary method for long-term stabilization, however technology soon progressed. Improving upon Dr. Sendax’s original idea, Dr. Ron Bulard developed mini dental implants (MDIs) as an easier, less invasive way to stabilize removable prosthetics.

Though developed years earlier, mini dental implants were FDA approved until 1999. Once approved, MDIs quickly grew to become the most sought after treatment for dental prosthetic stabilization. Today this form of implant treatment is helping dental patients all over the world to achieve a naturally beautiful smile, and Aston is no exception. If you are searching for a Mini Dental Implant dentist in Aston, PA, Lance R. Panarello, DDS has the experience and expertise to help you perfect your smile.

MDIs help patients to restore their smile through a safer, less invasive treatment when compared to their more traditional counterparts. Until recently, dental implants were used specifically for fixed applications, and provided patients with great success. However today, mini dental implants take it one step further they make it possible to secure both fixed and removable applications.

The dental implant treatment involves placement of a small titanium screw directly into the jawbone providing a stable anchor for the dental prosthetic (i.e. crown, bridge, dentures). Once firmly attached to the implant, the dental prosthetic takes on look and feel of natural teeth. Unlike traditional implants, the mini dental implant treatment requires only small incisions that do not require stitches, making the treatment faster, safer and less invasive. The treatment is also completed in less time than traditional implants. Patients often only require just a single dental visit for complete implantation.

With mini dental implants, patients can replace a single tooth, a group of teeth or even an entire set of teeth. The dental technology anchors the dental prosthetic in the jawbone; therefore it does not require support from surrounding teeth—a factor that greatly improves long-term dental health.

At Lance R. Panarello, DDS we specialize in MDI treatments and can skillfully handle a wide assortment of patient needs. If dental implants are the right treatment for you, get started with a consultation today.